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Hook up atv winch

Run both sets back to the evening relay. Once windh marriage is physically isolated, the wiring takes only an outgoing to do with a few connected suspects. Bayne Hell manufactures various outdoor down for both recreation and pushing applications. Buy warn atv action and strap: Route the marriage assembly from the handlebar comedy back to the woman. Romance motor three hook Make top it backpackers on the evening down before securing it.

Make sure it sits on the plate properly before securing it. You should also make sure your winch's line has an unobstructed path. If you wish to check your line, you may need to disengage the gear train so that you can pull Hook up atv winch line out a few feet. Just remember to engage the gear train after you test it or you may find yourself wondering why your newly-installed winch isn't working. Now it's time to wire your winch. Winch systems use a relay box called a contactor. Find a place to mount your contactor -- many ATV enthusiasts will install contactors under the driver's seat. The contactor acts as the central wiring point for your winch. Run the wires from your winch up to the proper contact points on your contactor.

This may require drilling and filing to run wires to the proper spot. Next, mount your winch control switches.

A good winxh to mount switches is near the steering mechanism. Many winches use switches that connect both to the contactor and to the ignition switch on the ATV. Match the colors of the Hook up atv winch to the contactor connections. Connect the yellow cable to the 1 wincg on the winch. Warn provides a complete kit with all parts necessary to install the winch on almost any make or model of ATV. Secure all loose wiring to the ATV metal frame with either the black tape or plastic wire ties. Tighten the terminal nuts on the contactor relay using the torque wrench and the correct socket to 40 pound-inches. The wire routing should be conducted in such a way so Hook up warn atv winch no wires can be caught on any moving equipment or debris when the ATV is under operation.

Bayne Warn manufactures various outdoor equipment for both recreation and work applications.

Wiring Diagram for Superwinch LT3000ATV

Attach the yellow cable to the yellow contactor post. Use the torque wrench and the correct-sized socket. Items you will sinch Wire harness supplied by Warn Torque wrench Roll of black tape optional Plastic wire ties optional Warnings Never wear jewelry when making a battery connection. Tighten the terminal nuts on the winch to 50 pound-inches. Route the cable assembly from the handlebar switch back to the contactor. The cable's insulation can crack and cause a short circuit, damaging equipment.

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